Hi I'm John, nice to meet you :)

  • Founder. Purple Panda Rentals.
  • Musician. I can play 4 instruments.
  • Coffee Connoisseur. Proud owner of a Breville Barista Express.

Creation is a space that has always surrounded me throughout my life. My passion is for people and product creation - I love brainstorming, defining, and iterating new solutions to an existing or new problem space. My ultimate goal is to craft new products to improve people's lives and user experience. 

After founding my company Purple Panda Rentals, in 2020, I shifted my focus to UX and building products. My goal for my next role is to be part of purpose-led work culture with a collaborative team working together to drive an impact.

When not working on my startup, I like playing guitar, reading, cooking, painting, and taking on small products to push my creativity. I also write; you can read some of my articles on Medium.